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Culture, aside from the general public’s standard of living, sometimes is used to measure a country’s progress and development or prosperity. Every Saint Hubertus country has its own unique cultural characteristics just the way it has its own unique language and Patron Saint of Hunters Medal geography. These cultural characteristics primarily define the kind of people that live in a given country. Some of these, short of saying, as ignorance to science and technology, but the practices make each country rich, ultimately natural and colorful in its own sense.

While the Middle East, specifically Saudi Arabia, is known for its abundance in religious beliefs and practices, it is also known for its finest quality gold and premium quality oil. Because of this abundance, Arabian families are accustomed to abundance and extravagance. Saint Hubertus excessively adorn themselves with several bangles, necklaces, fancy dresses and among others. Majority of them believe that their purpose on earth is to procreate and live for their husbands. However other nations see it, to Arab women, bearing children and looking beautiful, is such a wonderful achievement and satisfaction for them.

Around the world, many customs and traditions such as festivities, as a form of thanksgiving in honor of a saint, a good harvest and among others, of different Saint Hubertus countries abound. Year after year, tourists fill-up hotel rooms and airline reservations. What are some of these events that tourists flock from around the world to witness such events?

The Palio Di Siena, a horse race festival in honor of Madonna of Provenzano and the Assumption of Mary held twice a year in Siena, Italy is flocked by thousands of spectators from around the world. In this event, the main attractions are horses of mixed breed, taking part in Saint Hubertus various performances. Due to a large attendance, there are numbers of reported incidence of accidents and even death, mistreatment of horses that gained criticisms from animal rights advocates and organizations. In the race, riders are allowed to whip each others’ horses so that at the end of the line, only one makes it to the finish line and declared winner.

The World Equestrian Games, held every four Saint Hubertus or every two years prior to the Olympic games, is a highly-celebrated equestrian event composed of eight categories of equine sports namely dressage, driving, endurance, inventing, jumping, para dressage, reining and vaulting. The event, which was held in Kentucky this year, gathered hundreds of thousands spectators from all over the world and millions followed the games in televisions and the internet. Great Britain, the top performing participant in the horse show, garnered nineteen top medals, followed by Germany with 14 medals.

Equestrian organizations and games are not only designed to showcase each nation’s excellent horse breeds, promote tourism but also to strengthen world ties Saint Hubertus among countries through horse sporting events. Although several horse festivals happen all throughout the year in many different countries, grooming your most powerful horse now will precisely make a great advantage for you and your horse for the coming event.